How to Teach a Disease

The next chronicle in my ongoing struggle to tackle my diabetes head first and finally come to terms with it.

I’ve done some research and have been reading some new websites, places where I can somewhat quench my eternal thirst for knowledge. I was getting a bit bored of Vox and The Verge and have thus far read around on FiveThirtyEight and Nautilus. I am very disappointed.

On both sites, my first search was “diabetes”. Nautilus claims to be a modern science magazine, yet all of its diabetes related articles had “obesity” in the same sentence, as if diabetes is intrinsically linked to obesity in all cases. It’s frustrating when the level of stigma surrounding the disease is so intense that even science magazines contribute to the misconceptions. The only articles that differentiated between the two types of the disease only commented on Type 2, only serving to add to the stigma surrounding the disease. The one article that showed a hint of promise by not including obesity in the headline or subtitle was actually dedicated to newly discovered advancements in cancer treatment.

How am I supposed to accept my own disease and its difficulties when most of the people I surround with have their understanding of it all wrong? I’m supposed to completely reeducate all of my peers, try to erase what they’ve been conditioned to know and teach them the reality of my daily struggle to live.


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