“A bit” turns from minutes to hours and you know, deep down, that he probably won’t call at all. History is repeating itself and you’re falling for the same mistakes; I thought you’d have learned by now, Leeny. You’re all you’ve got.

I thought we agreed there’s no use in pining after a boy, even if it’s that boy. You have more important things to do, things of more substance and importance. You cry tonight, but tomorrow, you put on your big girl panties and you go out to conquer the world. Save your tears, they don’t change anything anyway.

You know he needs to take the job. You know he needs the experience. You know he needs the opportunity. You know he needs the money. Tell your heart to shut up already. So you don’t see him now, he’s still going to your graduation…right? Unless a job pops up, of course. But you can’t be upset at that. He is building himself just as you are building yourself.

I know you’re a whirlwind of emotions right now, Leeny, but come on. You’re better than this. You need to be better than this. So everyone you know and love is abandoning you; you’ve been through worse. If you can fight through diabetes, you can fight through this. You may not be religious, but you still believe everything happens for a reason. Some day, this will all make sense. Remember that. Keep your eye on the prize, baby girl, even if you don’t know what the prize is yet.

Remember the happy moments, but don’t live in the past. There’s an entire future waiting to be made.

Dry the tears. Raise your sugar. You’re better than this. Chin up.


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